Baxia Build 2020 - Now you can defend your team

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Baxia Build 2020 ...Baxia is very good tank, and vry quickly tank. But as all other tanks he need good finisher in team, Im mean for good Marksman

Hi everyone this video or post is related to this stronger tank with at most mage ability. Baxia is very good tank, and very quickly tank. But as all other tanks he need good finisher in team, I'm mean for good Marksman, such as Granger, Lesley or now that is WanWan.

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  He can walk from mid lane to side lane very fast and gank his team mate to help them on fight, but always depend on good team mate. Lets have a look for his build that is below Courage Mask - Can help on team-fight, also help Baxia on CD, Gold etc... Thunder Belt - I use this item to help Baxia for regenerate his mana, and stay on fight without make any recall. Blade Armor - its very cheap, add 90 physical damage. Oracle - Help him on CD also add Magic defense Anthena's Shield - When I play tank, I always buy this Item ,it can save your life, against Lunox, Harely Ultimate, you can resist more against Cecilion. Antique Cuiras - This is reducing physical damage from Fighters, Marksmans or Assassins As Emblem, I use the Custom Tank Emblem -1 Point Vitality - 1 Point Firmness - 1 Point Shield 2 Points to Inspire - 1 Point Purity As talent I choose Tenaciy As Battle Spell I prefer to stay at battle not to run , so I choose Vengeance Thank you for watching our videos, and if you want to read full article about this hero please follow the link below of our Website Music by No Copyright Sound

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