Harley Best Build on 2020 - Playing this game like Robots? This can cause to him 24 KDA

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Harley Best Build on 2020 - this video show to everyone a new way to build Harley as killing master, and deal to enemy huge damage....try it

Why People play Like This? Hi everyone, in this video I have made for only purpose, and I'm angryyy because of it. Why some players install this game, goes to the Epic or Legendary rank, and play like a Robot. Some times happen that these robots could be part of our team. Game should Ban these kind of players. If they want to train a hero, its a place called Practice, to mastered New Heroes, not on Rank or Classic, where Good Players loose Winning rates because of they.

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I have to accept, I'm not good player on Harley Even that I have play with him 220 Games, but I have to accept that I'm not even bad, so when someone shows his weakness skill since in the beginning of the game, with Harley you can kill it Immediately. For everyone that loves to play with Harley the build should not tends to be with Huge Damage, but helping his CD Reduction and his Magic Penetration (this is for late game). Build setup. So let me list below all my Items and their Alternatives in different cases. As first I suggest to everyone that Harley need to treat as Assassin, can serve to eliminate the damage Dealer, also he is very weak if he catch from the others. Another thing is stay with him hide on Ambush, and playing always in Jungle area, killing easily Creeps, and while using his second skill, making good Ganking to Team mates. First Item : Star Shard - Helping for fast farming in jungle Second Item: Here we have 2 options. On my video I have play with Magic Shoes. But you can choose also Arcane Boots Magic Shoes - +10% CD Reduction Arcane Shoes - +15 Magic Penetration Third Item: Calamity Reaper - 100 Mana, +30 Mana Regeneration, +10 CD Reduction (Hmm very useful) Forth Item: Don't Imagine to play without this Item - Concentrated Energy Harley need to Recover it self while Attack enemy, this Item give to him 25% Magic Lifesteal Fifth Item : Glowing Wand - When you make ultimate skill to enemy and your skill let him only 10% HP, if you have this Item after 3 second, you will finished him, with passive of this Item. Sixth Item : Here I have also 2 options, if enemy do not have heroes such as tanks or fighters with Anthena shield , I recommend choose Lightning Truncheon, for +10 CD Reduction, +75 Magic Damage, and the passive, that make more damage when you attack at a same time Up to 3 Enemies. Otherwise you have to choose Divine Glaive, for +40% Magic Penetration. And if the Divine Glaive is not enough, you have to sell first Item and buy Genius Wand Emblem Build: As Emblem I suggest Custom Magic Emblem 3 Points On Flow 3 Points on Observation 1 Point on Mystery Shop - Harley attack with skills, and skill grow if you buy more fast build items Battle Spell As Battle Spell I choose always Retribution.

Thank you!

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