Karina Blood Moon deadly against 2 stupid Marksmans

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Karina Blood Moon Hello everyone in this article/video we have made for our lovely assassin/mage Karina Blood Moon(Skin).

Karina Blood Moon - Intro Hello everyone in this article/video we have made for our lovely assassin/mage Karina Blood Moon(Skin). Recently this hero has got too much improved and she is too deadly in earlier game. So if you don't have good tank in your team you have to look to ban damage dealer in earlier game as Karina. I ban always Karina if I don't want to play with her. Please follow the link if you  want to see the video - Karina Blood Moon Why Karina? I have to list some reasons why I choose to Karina: 1-Easy farm on jungle. If you equipped  well for jungle you can go level 4 into 1 min 30 seconds with only one clearing of jungle. 2-Easy combo. Before you can attack with Karina you have to be sure that enemy team has used CC skills. I enter in fight with first skill, attack with Ultimate and than use second skill, so in this way I complete even the Passive of Karina, which is third attack will deal Extra True Damage equal to 13% of enemy lost HP. 3-Immune by basic attack. Most of marksman which they are the most target of Karina, deal damage  by their basic attack. If you use first skill so they can't target you, so you can easily kill them. 4-Ultimate CD=0. Karina's Ultimate can reset its CD if you finished the target enemy,  reduce by 60% if you assist. What can kill Karina? Karina can't fight she is only for clear enemies. The only thing that Karina can fight is Marksman if they are playing solo as dump. But mostly on high rank, tank stay close to them, and for Karina tank mean too much CC, so it is not good. Also there are to many assassin that can counter Karina, such as Fanny, Hayabusa, Guison etc. Every fighter is dangerous to Karina if they have more than 50% HP. What is the best build? You can choose to play with whatever you like as build, but her damage is based on Skills and you need to buy huge damage but you don't have to forget even Magic Life Steal. So I'm gonna list below my main Items for Karina: 1- Star Shard - For easily farming on Jungle 2- Arcane Boots - Magic Penetration, this need to counter fighters in some moments so you need this to kill them easily if their HP is below 30% 3-Concentrated Energy - Gives you some more HP, and 25% Magic Life Steal 4-Calamity Reaper - Mana regeneration, and its passive, 3s after you have used a skill next basic attack will deal additional True Damage as mush as 120% of Magic Power 5- Holy Crystal - Scaled Magic Power, so this Item you have to buy when you are above level 10, because it scaled magic power by you level. 6-Blood Wing or Lighting Truncheon Emblem? Custom Magic Emblem 3 Point Flow 3 Point Observation 1 Point Magic Worship So that's it for this article follow us for more.

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