Nana Build 2020 and Game play - The called Useless this hero

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Nana Build 2020 and Game play - The called Useless this hero ... a video about game play with Nana Hero, on Mobile Legends:Bang Bang...

Intro Hi everyone this time I have choose to post for you, something related with this hero called NANA. For me is no.1 hero that everyone should use when they want really to help the team. Nana can play as Support and also as Mage. As support u have to apply some deffence items and u have to use Support Emblem or Common Mage Emblem , not custom Emblem.

Please check our video  following the link - Nana Build 2020 &  Game play

What makes very good? In this game, all heroes that have large CC effect on their skills are the most helpful heroes in this game. U have to stun enemies, before to attack with Marks Man or with Assassins or with fighters. Nana first skill has Molina that has too mush Slow effect, also it is disable you skills for 2 seconds. Even the first skill of Nana has some slow effects also a large Magic Damage in late game. When enemy join to fight Nana with her ultimate skill can stun and damage all of them. Don't forget her passive, when enemy kill her she also stuck on 5-10% HP and reach her SPD to escape from enemy. How to build this hero? I have choose to be a mage in this video, and all my items are about building a mage hero type. My build is like below: 1-Demon Shoes - Need to regenerate Mana 2-Ice Queen Wand - +75 Magic damage, 10% Magic Life Steal, 150 Mana, 7% SPD 3-Glowing Wand - This need for Nana's Ultimate Skill, will burn target for 3sec. 4-Divine Glaive - +40% Magic Penetration 5-Holy Crystal 6-Neclance of Durance - +65 Magic Power, +10 CD Reduction, +10 Magic Lifestal As Battle Spell I suggest Flameshot As Emblem, you can Choose Common Magic, Or Custom Support but since I choose to play as Mage I have choose Custom Mage Emblem. 3 Point on Flow 3 point on Observation 1 point Magic Worship Do I suggest to you to play with Nana? Yes. Play with her and make sure to stay behind your friend and support them with Molina and CC of Ultimate Skill. Thank you very much for reading my article.

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