Selena Virus - This is the real VIRUS hero

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Hi everyone and welcome back to our new videos dedicate to this beautiful and powerful hero, Selena to build 2020


Hi everyone and welcome back to our new videos dedicate to this beautiful and powerful hero, Selena Virus. Everyone said  that Selena is very difficult to play, just like the other assassins, but once you understand this hero you can make a disaster against to Enemy. One day I decide to buy her and to mastered, but I found hard to play, its hard to stun enemy, and I left her. Another day after I collect 300 stars on Starlight event, I won the beautiful Epic Skin of Selena Virus, and then I start again to ply with her, and I'm mastered and mastered again, everyday and I'm getting good results.

How to play?

Selena is difficult Assassin Mage for the reason, that you have to use 2 her states, the first is that you have to stun heroes with second skill composed with first skill, and you have to make a combination, if you are beginner you put the Abyssal Trap and then you shut this with Abyssal Arrow to the enemy direction, this will stun the enemy 1sec if it is close to you or more longer if its is to the distance far from you. The longer distance ,the longer time of stun. In this time use 3rd skill of Selena to become to the Abyssal Form, with 2 other skills, Soul Eater and Garotte. Press first skill and then press Auto Attack. So in a simple way this is the combination of Selena, for more you can  watch the video carefully and learn her skills. Please follow the link if you  want to see the video - Selena Virus 

What build?

Selena is Assassin Mage, she play Like Assassin but need Mage Items just like Karina and Guison. Selena need all the time items to regenerate her Mana, because she consume too much mana on gameplay, but also you have to apply Jungle Build she is very fast to make Gank Top or Bot. So lets list below all of her build. -Demon Shoes - Regenerate Mana +30, also the passive after you kill an enemy or assist regenerate mana by 10%, and elimination of minions gives her 4% mana regeneration -Star Shard - Help her to jungle fast -Calamity Reaper - +100 Mana, +30 Mana Regeneration and 10% CD -Concentrated Energy - This I use for Magic Lifesteal, 25% Lifestal -Holy Crystal - For more Scale with the levels Magic Power -Divine Glaive - For 40% of Magic Penetration -Or other item that is used is Berserker's Fury for one shot kill As Emblem I choose Custom Mage -Flow -Observation -Magic Worship As battle spell If you use as assassin mage, use retribution if you use her as team Support use Flameshot Thank you!

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