Wild Rift Yasuo Mid Lane - Build, Skills and Runes

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Wild Rift Yasuo - Mid lane fighter - best build for 2020, custom runes, skills, how to use him, how to activate his ultimate....


Hi and welcome back to our channel, Games Mobile Center. This time we are coming with a new and powerful Game, League of Legends on mobile version - Wild Rift from the greatest company Riot. As a old player on desktop game version, I have loved always to play Yasuo hero. He is fighter type hero, played more on Mid lane. Mainly all heroes on League of Legends are not easily to use, since even that game is not a simply game, but more complicated than Mobile Legends Bang Bang, because has too many Items with their passive. Every hero has strange passive compared to Mobile Legends. And on Wild Rift all heroes are OP, but they become OP in different time of the game. Please follow the link if you  want to see the video - Yasuo Critical Master

About Yasuo

For example Yasuo, is more OP on Mid and Late Game, because he need to have main item for critical damage, and the item that he is real fighter when he use Spell Vamp to Steal HP from enemy.

His skills

First Skill is Steel Tempest, he can hit the enemy forward with his sword, and deal78 Physical Damage(20 + 100% of physical gained from items), passive is after hitting enemy or minion 2 times, the third release the whirlwind that knocks the enemy. Another passive is this skill is when you combine with the 3rd skill that dash between unique enemy and unique minion, after this combination the first skill will strike as a circle. Second Skill is wall that stops all enemies projectiles for 4 seconds Third skill is Dashes through target enemy, dealing Magic damage Ultimate Skill is currently disabled, it can enabled only if one of enemy is knock up, by it self  Yasuo can activate Ultimate skill by combining his first skill, when the whirlwind is activated, and you can reached to knock up the enemy. Its very beautiful combo. Believe me!

My Mid Lane fighter Build

1- Phantom Dancer - Attack Speed + Critic rate 2- Gluttonous Greaves - Boots that grants 8% Physical Vamp and 8% Magical Vamp also move speed by 15% 3- Infinity Edge - This is the most important Item of Yasuo, don't forget to buy for him - Attack damage and Critical Rate 4- Death's Dance - 300 Max Health - 35 Attack Damage - 15 ability haste its kind of CDR scale, but for the moment I don't have any real calculation of it in % or seconds. 5- Frozen Mallet - 550 Max Health - 25 Attack Damage - Slow enemy 40% for 1.5s 6-Guardian Angel - 45 Attack Damage - 40 Armor, for everyone that play also Mobile Legends this item has same passive as Immortality


1- Conqueror 2- Brutal 3- Spirit Walker 4- Haunter Genius


1- Ignite 2- Flash Thank you for reading our article!

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