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⁣Magic Damage X-Borg is NUTS! | Mobile Legends

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⁣Wow... Lesley has new immune skill... Mobile Legends New Game mode

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Thanks for watching! Subscribe to my Channel and look other WTF moments Mobile Legends.
In this video you can see funny, epic and Mobile Legends wtf moments. Also you can send you wtf moments to me.

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Hi! This is the comparison of Mobile Legends with league of legends — from heroes, players, teams, and much more! Subscribe to stay updated with the latest videos. Like and share if you enjoy watching this video. Comment if you have suggestions and recommendations.

This video is about Mobile Legends vs LoL Wild Rift - Heroes Comparison 2022 | Moba Comparison 2


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Hello my friends! Today we talk about 5 SECRETLY BROKEN and 5 OVERRATED AF Heroes In Mobile Legends!

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DISCLAIMER: This video was meant to be for entertainment purposes only!!

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⁣Mobile Legends Beatrix Shotgun and Sniper Meta

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Hello my friends! Today we talk about How to counter every hero in Mobie Legends! Enjoy!

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Another wave of Project NEXT will go LIVE in September! The new Talent System will take over and replace the Emblem system!

In previous Talent Lab episodes, we learned about Dagger and Shield. So how many Fixed Attributes are there in the new Talent system? The answer is 6! They are Swift Blast: Dagger, Solid Defense: Shield, Fearless Assault: Sword, Arcane Magic: Staff, Precise Shot: Bow, and Buff & Support: Orb.

In the third episode, the whole of the Talent System will finally be revealed! You can also find out how to compose your own Talent Plan. Check out this video to know more!


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Welcome you've come to SuperHVH channel, We are a professional video editing and gaming team.
We include:
Professional video editors: Alien; SuperHVH.
Professional gamer: K2 Zoro.

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00:00​​​​ - INTRO
06:29 - EMBLEM SET
06:39 - ITEM BUILD
07:42​​​​ - TIPS AND TRICKS

In this Hero tutorial video. I will be featuring Fredrinn. I will explain his passive and skills, Best builds, emblems, spells and finally give you some tips and tricks to play Fredrinn effectively.

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21 Kills + MANIAC!! New Buff Badang is Overpowered (WTF DAMAGE) - Build Top 1 Global Badang ~ MLBB


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Hello to everyone,
This material is about new hero on Mobile Legends Bang Banfg ⁣FREDRINN, which has a role as Fighter Tank, and he is like Ruby with main ability "LifeSteal".
He will be available soon also on Standard server.

All the credits for the video goes to 'Elgin'

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Hi everyone this video or post is related to this stronger tank with at most mage ability. Baxia is very good tank, and very quickly tank. But as all other tanks he need good finisher in team, I’m mean for good Marksman, such as Granger, Lesley or now that is Wan Wan.

He can walk from mid lane to side lane very fast and gank his team mate to help them on fight, but always depend on good team mate. Lets have a look for his build that is below

Courage Mask – Can help on team-fight, also help Baxia on CD, Gold etc…

Thunder Belt – I use this item to help Baxia for regenerate his mana, and stay on fight without make any recall.

Blade Armor – its very cheap, add 90 physical damage.

Oracle – Help him on CD also add Magic defense

Anthena’s Shield – When I play tank, I always buy this Item ,it can save your life, against Lunox, Harely Ultimate, you can resist more against Cecilion.

Antique Cuiras – This is reducing physical damage from Fighters, Marksmans or Assassins

As Emblem, I use the Custom Tank Emblem
1 Point Vitality – 1 Point Firmness – 1 Point Shield
2 Points to Inspire – 1 Point Purity
As talent I choose Tenaciy

As Battle Spell I prefer to stay at battle not to run , so I choose Vengeance

Thank you for watching our videos, and if you want to read full article about this hero please follow the link below of our Website

Music by No Copyright Sound

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Hi my friends this video is about a great & beautiful game(Mobile Legends : Bang Bang) of Granger on Epic IV Rank, and in the end of it this fineshd with a Suicide Savage.
If you not have mastered yet this Hero , please read below for his Build ,Emblem and Battle Spell. All items that you have to select for Granger need to attend to reduce his Coldown Deduction(CD).

1-Raptor Machete – Will help you to Jungle fast and to level up, this need to associated with Retribution.
2-Magic Shoes – this help to reduce 10% CD
3-Berserker’s Fury – Will help his Ultimate to have more Critical Chance
4-Bloodlust Axe – This help to life-steal using fist skill , by 20% Spell Vamp, also have 10% CD
5-Endless Battle – This used for 10% CD ,and also for 85% True Damage of Basic Attack , after he is using a skill.
6- The last but not the least – Blade of Despair , will give you 170 Physical Attack, and 5% movement speed.

But if you have Complete all his build, and if Enemy Team have 2 Tanks that Lead their team, you have to exchange your Raptor Machete with Malefic Roar – This will destroy them by 40% Physical Penetration.

But if the Team has more damage dealer you have to exchange Raptor Machete with Immortality

As Emblem I used always Custom Assassin Emblem
-3 Point on Agility
-3 Point to Fatal
-1 Point to Bounty Hunter

As Battle Spell its better to use Retribution for fast Leveling.

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Hi there this is my second video dedicate this hero.
X.Borg, information about his build and emblem you can find on my first video on link below:

In this video if you are X.Borg user you can learn some of my technique and improve the better play with this hero, in Road of Mythic.
So enjoy this video , thank for watching and SUBSCRIBE for more video.

Music by NCS

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X.Borg Unstoppable Hero …. Hi everyone and thank you for watching my videos. This video is about this Over Powered Hero , X.Borg and some tricks that will guide you in best play with him.

Xborg is a support type fighter. And he is skill based fighter like Leomord or Alpha or Aldous. So you can play with him as Solo Lane-r So their build you can also follow for X.borg too.

He has hybrid bar, half is for hp and half is for armor. He collects battery to refill his armor bar or armor or it will automatically refill at idle time.

My Build for him in this video is :

-Warrior Boots

-Bloodlust Axe

-Blade of despair


-Hunter Strike

-Queens Wings

But I recommend this build as below:

-Warrior Boots

-Bloodlust Axe

-Blade of despair

-Queens Wings

-Athenas Shield


As Emblem I suggest the Custom Fighter Emblem:

-2 point to Bravery

-1 point to Shield

-3 points Invasion (in my case 2 points because my emblem is on level 43)

-And as Talent choose Festival of Blood (for 8% spell of vamps)

X.Borg has only 1 enemy…. all Mages, but especially OP mages such as :






Thank you very much also to No Copyright Sound that give us the right to use their beautiful music.

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Our Youtube channel and our Official Website Games Mobile Center is returning this week with this wonderful video play by Gmcenter on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this video our player has played with Guinevere hero. Very strong and powerful hero.

To play this hero your need only to see some videos abut her, and to master by played some from yourself and to apply the necessary build items. Don’t forget Guinevere is not Mage, she is Fighter with mage ability and for that you have to build her with Items that makes magic damage alternated with physical damage.

Another thing that you have keep in your mind, Guinevere don’t need items for adjusting mana. Gunevere need items for deducting CD and for Increasing magic and physic ability.

My main build for her is as below:

Magic Shoes – Help her to move fast by +40 SPD

Concentrated Energy – This will help her for +25% Magic Lifesteal

Calamity Reaper – You will this, why we need this, because the half of this item has mana regeneration, this item is very important for Unique Passive (After Using a skill the next basic attack deal extra True damage that is equal to 120% of Magic Attack). Also this item has 10% deduct of CD

Fleeting Time – Is used for his 15% CD, also for its Unique Passive, after elimination or assist the CD of Ultimate deduct with 30%.

Divine Glaive – This I used every game against fighters that has bought Magic defense items or against tanks, its Unique is +40% Magic Penetration, Unique Passive is when HP is higher than 70%, the unique bonus(that was +40%) increased by 30% (equal 70% Magic Penetration)

Blood Wings – This increase magic power by +150, also have nice Unique Passive add 1.5 HP for every 1 point of magic power added.

My Main Emblem for her is as below:

Custom Mage Emblem

3 point for Flow

3 point for Observation

1 point for talent Magic Worship

Thank you for reading our article about this hero, I hope you will enjoy this video.

Follow more videos on our Youtube Channel and Support also our website.

Thank you!

Great Thanks for NCS

#MobileLegends #Guinevere #GamesMobileCenter

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