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Why People play Like This?

Hi everyone, in this video I have made for only purpose, and I'm angryyy because of it. Why some players install this game, goes to the Epic or Legendary rank, and play like a Robot. Some times happen that these robots could be part of our team. Game should Ban these kind of players. If they want to train a hero, its a place called Practice, to mastered New Heroes, not on Rank or Classic, where Good Players loose Winning rates because of they.

I have to accept, I'm not good player on Harley Even that I have play with him 220 Games, but I have to accept that I'm not even bad, so when someone shows his weakness skill since in the beginning of the game, with Harley you can kill it Immediately.

For everyone that loves to play with Harley the build should not tends to be with Huge Damage, but helping his CD Reduction and his Magic Penetration (this is for late game).

Build setup.

So let me list below all my Items and their Alternatives in different cases. As first I suggest to everyone that Harley need to treat as Assassin, can serve to eliminate the damage Dealer, also he is very weak if he catch from the others. Another thing is stay with him hide on Ambush, and playing always in Jungle area, killing easily Creeps, and while using his second skill, making good Ganking to Team mates.

First Item :

Star Shard - Helping for fast farming in jungle

Second Item:
Here we have 2 options. On my video I have play with Magic Shoes. But you can choose also Arcane Boots
Magic Shoes - +10% CD Reduction
Arcane Shoes - +15 Magic Penetration

Third Item:
Calamity Reaper - 100 Mana, +30 Mana Regeneration, +10 CD Reduction (Hmm very useful)

Forth Item:
Don't Imagine to play without this Item - Concentrated Energy
Harley need to Recover it self while Attack enemy, this Item give to him 25% Magic Lifesteal

Fifth Item :
Glowing Wand - When you make ultimate skill to enemy and your skill let him only 10% HP, if you have this Item after 3 second, you will finished him, with passive of this Item.

Sixth Item :
Here I have also 2 options, if enemy do not have heroes such as tanks or fighters with Anthena shield , I recommend choose Lightning Truncheon, for +10 CD Reduction, +75 Magic Damage, and the passive, that make more damage when you attack at a same time Up to 3 Enemies.
Otherwise you have to choose Divine Glaive, for +40% Magic Penetration.

And the Divine Glaive is not enough, you have to sell first Item and buy Genius Wand

Emblem Build:

As Emblem I suggest Custom Magic Emblem
3 Points On Flow
3 Points on Observation

1 Point on Mystery Shop - Harley attack with skills, and skill grow if you buy more fast build items

Battle Spell
As Battle Spell I choose always Retribution.

Thank you!

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X.Borg Unstoppable Hero …. Hi everyone and thank you for watching my videos. This video is about this Over Powered Hero , X.Borg and some tricks that will guide you in best play with him.

Xborg is a support type fighter. And he is skill based fighter like Leomord or Alpha or Aldous. So you can play with him as Solo Lane-r So their build you can also follow for X.borg too.

He has hybrid bar, half is for hp and half is for armor. He collects battery to refill his armor bar or armor or it will automatically refill at idle time.

My Build for him in this video is :

-Warrior Boots

-Bloodlust Axe

-Blade of despair


-Hunter Strike

-Queens Wings

But I recommend this build as below:

-Warrior Boots

-Bloodlust Axe

-Blade of despair

-Queens Wings

-Athenas Shield


As Emblem I suggest the Custom Fighter Emblem:

-2 point to Bravery

-1 point to Shield

-3 points Invasion (in my case 2 points because my emblem is on level 43)

-And as Talent choose Festival of Blood (for 8% spell of vamps)

X.Borg has only 1 enemy…. all Mages, but especially OP mages such as :






Thank you very much also to No Copyright Sound that give us the right to use their beautiful music.

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Hi my friends this video is about a great & beautiful game(Mobile Legends : Bang Bang) of Granger on Epic IV Rank, and in the end of it this fineshd with a Suicide Savage.
If you not have mastered yet this Hero , please read below for his Build ,Emblem and Battle Spell. All items that you have to select for Granger need to attend to reduce his Coldown Deduction(CD).

1-Raptor Machete – Will help you to Jungle fast and to level up, this need to associated with Retribution.
2-Magic Shoes – this help to reduce 10% CD
3-Berserker’s Fury – Will help his Ultimate to have more Critical Chance
4-Bloodlust Axe – This help to life-steal using fist skill , by 20% Spell Vamp, also have 10% CD
5-Endless Battle – This used for 10% CD ,and also for 85% True Damage of Basic Attack , after he is using a skill.
6- The last but not the least – Blade of Despair , will give you 170 Physical Attack, and 5% movement speed.

But if you have Complete all his build, and if Enemy Team have 2 Tanks that Lead their team, you have to exchange your Raptor Machete with Malefic Roar – This will destroy them by 40% Physical Penetration.

But if the Team has more damage dealer you have to exchange Raptor Machete with Immortality

As Emblem I used always Custom Assassin Emblem
-3 Point on Agility
-3 Point to Fatal
-1 Point to Bounty Hunter

As Battle Spell its better to use Retribution for fast Leveling.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Kassadin
01:20 Events
01:43 Champion Changes
11:16 Item Changes
13:30 Rune Changes
14:08 Skins
14:25 Beekeeper Singed
14:29 Skins
14:35 Free-To-Play Rotation
14:54 Outro
14:59 Crab Emote
15:00 Outro
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¡Directos aquí!



Discord Wasarmy:​

Wild Rift español wasab0
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Hello my friends! Today we talk about 5 SECRETLY BROKEN and 5 OVERRATED AF Heroes In Mobile Legends!

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League of Legends Wild Rift Lucian vs. Tristana Dragon Lane Gameplay

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Hi and welcome back to our channel, Games Mobile Center. This time we are coming with a new and powerful Game, League of Legends on mobile version - Wild Rift from the greatest company Riot. As a old player on desktop game version, I have loved always to play Yasuo hero. He is fighter type hero, played more on Mid lane. Mainly all hero's on League of Legends are not easily to use, since even that game is not a simply game, but more complicated than Mobile Legends Bang Bang, because has too many Items with their passive. Every hero has strange passive compared to Mobile Legends. And on Wild Rift all heroes are OP, but they become OP in different time of the game. For example Yasuo, is more OP on Mid and Late Game, because he need to have main item for critical damage, and the item that he is real fighter when he use Spell Vamp to Steal HP from enemy.

For More information follow our website, to read full article.
Thank YUO!
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PUBG has been a lot of fun since the recent Free to Play update! I've especially been enjoying the original "Battle Royale experience" that this game offers which blends last-man-standing gameplay with the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game. Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

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Land on strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies, and survive to become the last team standing across various, diverse Battlegrounds.
Squad up and join the Battlegrounds for the original Battle Royale experience that only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can offer.

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Another wave of Project NEXT will go LIVE in September! The new Talent System will take over and replace the Emblem system!

In previous Talent Lab episodes, we learned about Dagger and Shield. So how many Fixed Attributes are there in the new Talent system? The answer is 6! They are Swift Blast: Dagger, Solid Defense: Shield, Fearless Assault: Sword, Arcane Magic: Staff, Precise Shot: Bow, and Buff & Support: Orb.

In the third episode, the whole of the Talent System will finally be revealed! You can also find out how to compose your own Talent Plan. Check out this video to know more!


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League of Legends Wild Rift KASSADIN GAMEPLAY NEW CHAMPION BEST BUILD AND RUNES. New Champion Kassadin is out and ive got you covered with a new gameplay for this champion.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Kassadin Item Build & Runes Explained
1:40 Kassadin Gameplay

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Short Free Fire Video | Free Fire Short video | Free Fire #shorts WhatsApp Status

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Hello to everyone,
This material is about new hero on Mobile Legends Bang Banfg ⁣FREDRINN, which has a role as Fighter Tank, and he is like Ruby with main ability "LifeSteal".
He will be available soon also on Standard server.

All the credits for the video goes to 'Elgin'

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Hi everyone and welcome back to our new videos dedicate to this beautiful and powerfull hero, Selena. Everyone saids that Selena is very deficult to play, just like the other assassins, but once you undestand this hero you can make a disaster against to Enemy. One day I decide to buy her and to mastered, but I found hard to play, its hard to stun enemy, and I left her. Another day after I collect 300 stars on Starlight event, I won the beautiful Epic Skin of Selena Virus, and then I start again to ply with her, and I'm mastered and mastered again, everyday and I'm getting good results.

How to play?
Selena is difficult Assassin Mage for the reason, that you have to use 2 her states, the first is that you have to stun heroes with second skill composed with first skill, and you have to make a combination, if you are beginner you put the Abyssal Trap and then you shut this with Abyssal Arrow to the enemy direction, this will stun the enemy 1sec if it is close to you or more longer if its is to the distance far from you. The longer distance ,the longer time of stun. In this time use 3rd skill of Selena to become to the Abyssal Form, with 2 other skills, Soul Eater and Garotte. Press first skill and then press Auto Attack. So in a simple way this is the combination of Selena, for more watch the video carefully and learn her skills.

What build?
Selena is Assassin Mage, she play Like Assassin but need Mage Items just like Karina and Guison. Selena need all the time items to regenerate her Mana, because she consume too much mana on gameplay, but also you have to apply Jungle Build she is very fast to make Gank Top or Bot. So lets list below all of her build.

-Demon Shoes - Regenerate Mana +30, also the passive after you kill an enemy or assist regenerate mana by 10%, and elimination of minions gives her 4% mana regeneration
-Star Shard - Help her to jungle fast
-Calamity Reaper - +100 Mana, +30 Mana Regeneration and 10% CD
-Concentrated Energy - This I use for Magic Lifesteal, 25% Lifestal
-Holy Crystal - For more Scale with the levels Magic Power
-Divine Glaive - For 40% of Magic Penetration
-Or other item that is used is Berserker's Fury for one shot kill

As Emblem I choose Custom Mage
-Magic Worship

As battle spell
If you use as assassin mage, use retribution if you use her as team Support use Flameshot

Thank you!
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Hi everyone this is our new video made for this deadly hero .... Karina. We have write a full article in our website, so for more info please follow the link below:

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Hi everyone in this video I have made about New Natalia Revamped, this hero has no mercy, its only for killing enemies, especially all marksman hero and all mage hero, when she is feed to much these 2 types of hero , Natalia can kill with one shot. So guys be careful if you play with marksman and see that enemy has pick Natalia, be sure to buy any defense shield, because she will kill you after 3 minutes of game. Everyone can choose whatever you want as build, but I suggest to select items that make sure to kill enemy with lower than 50% HP with one shot. Natalia is very weak if she is out of her second skill. My build for her is as below

1.Raptor Machete - For easy to jungle
2.Rapid Boots - Give to you 80 SPD, but when someone attack to you , or you attack someone you will slow them with 40 points.
3. Blade of the Heptaseas - Give to you 15 points Physical Penetration, and its very cheap as item.
4.Haas's Claws - This I use I caught on fighting 1vs1 with any fighter.
5.Scarlet Phantom - Speed & Critical
6.Berserker's Fury - Physical damage has more chance to go to the critical damage
7.If the enemy has tanks or 2 fighter you have to sell Raptor Machete and Buy Malefic Roar for 40 point of physical penetration. Other wise you have to buy Blade of Despair.

Thank you very much.
Music by No Copyright Sound. All rights reserved.

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Gather your friends and defend the universe from evil in Patch 3.3: Shining Bright, arriving on July 14 UTC! Join Alan from the Wild Rift dev team for details on the new gameplay updates, champions, and events we’re looking forward to.

Learn more at

Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends, now built from the ground up for mobile and console. With fresh controls and fast-paced games, players of every level can team up with friends, lock in their champion, and go for the big plays.

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