Granger Savage – Master of Critical

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Hi my friends this video is about a great & beautiful game(Mobile Legends : Bang Bang) of Granger on Epic IV Rank, and in the end of it this fineshd with a Suicide Savage.
If you not have mastered yet this Hero , please read below for his Build ,Emblem and Battle Spell. All items that you have to select for Granger need to attend to reduce his Coldown Deduction(CD).

1-Raptor Machete – Will help you to Jungle fast and to level up, this need to associated with Retribution.
2-Magic Shoes – this help to reduce 10% CD
3-Berserker’s Fury – Will help his Ultimate to have more Critical Chance
4-Bloodlust Axe – This help to life-steal using fist skill , by 20% Spell Vamp, also have 10% CD
5-Endless Battle – This used for 10% CD ,and also for 85% True Damage of Basic Attack , after he is using a skill.
6- The last but not the least – Blade of Despair , will give you 170 Physical Attack, and 5% movement speed.

But if you have Complete all his build, and if Enemy Team have 2 Tanks that Lead their team, you have to exchange your Raptor Machete with Malefic Roar – This will destroy them by 40% Physical Penetration.

But if the Team has more damage dealer you have to exchange Raptor Machete with Immortality

As Emblem I used always Custom Assassin Emblem
-3 Point on Agility
-3 Point to Fatal
-1 Point to Bounty Hunter

As Battle Spell its better to use Retribution for fast Leveling.

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