Guinevere – Get Maniac, 2x Double Kills and MVP

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Our Youtube channel and our Official Website Games Mobile Center is returning this week with this wonderful video play by Gmcenter on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this video our player has played with Guinevere hero. Very strong and powerful hero.

To play this hero your need only to see some videos abut her, and to master by played some from yourself and to apply the necessary build items. Don’t forget Guinevere is not Mage, she is Fighter with mage ability and for that you have to build her with Items that makes magic damage alternated with physical damage.

Another thing that you have keep in your mind, Guinevere don’t need items for adjusting mana. Gunevere need items for deducting CD and for Increasing magic and physic ability.

My main build for her is as below:

Magic Shoes – Help her to move fast by +40 SPD

Concentrated Energy – This will help her for +25% Magic Lifesteal

Calamity Reaper – You will this, why we need this, because the half of this item has mana regeneration, this item is very important for Unique Passive (After Using a skill the next basic attack deal extra True damage that is equal to 120% of Magic Attack). Also this item has 10% deduct of CD

Fleeting Time – Is used for his 15% CD, also for its Unique Passive, after elimination or assist the CD of Ultimate deduct with 30%.

Divine Glaive – This I used every game against fighters that has bought Magic defense items or against tanks, its Unique is +40% Magic Penetration, Unique Passive is when HP is higher than 70%, the unique bonus(that was +40%) increased by 30% (equal 70% Magic Penetration)

Blood Wings – This increase magic power by +150, also have nice Unique Passive add 1.5 HP for every 1 point of magic power added.

My Main Emblem for her is as below:

Custom Mage Emblem

3 point for Flow

3 point for Observation

1 point for talent Magic Worship

Thank you for reading our article about this hero, I hope you will enjoy this video.

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Thank you!

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