Helcurt on God Mode

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Hello everyone and well comeback to our channel with this new video dedicated to this deadly hero, Helcurt. This video we made as suggestion for those players that find hard to push alone in rank. Since Helcurt got too much ban on high rank, we suggest to use it on Elite, Master and Grand Master rank, will help everyone to rank up fast. Because:
1-Huge damage on earlier game
2-High Ability jumping on ambush
3-If you take as battle spell Petrify, so you are now with double petrify easy to kill solo players
4-Team Buff when he use his ultimate skill

So this video I have made on low Rank and as you can see the video, you are immortal with him. Soo keep watching and leave us any feedback or if you want to make video tutorial of any other hero. Just comment!
Music by NCS

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