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Lunox huge magic damage -TOO MUCH TOXIC – Best Build

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Lunox game by Gmcenter (Games Mobile Center)

Mobile Legends Lunox Gameplay

Mobile Legends Lunox Build

Mobile Legends Lunox Perfect Gameplay - Mobile Legends Lunox Best Build

Hi friends, Today we have produce for you this video related with one of Meta Mages on Mobile Legends that is Lunox. If you choose to play with this Hero, first you need to make some practice, because its difficult to play without it. The reason that Lunox will stay for longer as Meta hero is that, she use 4 skills , first and the second skill control her conditions , Order Mode and Chaos Mode. While she is in order mode, she is immune and no one can target her. While she is on Chaos mode, Lunox blinks in designated direction and deals 300(+37) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies. For 4 seconds, Chaos Assault does not have CoolDown.


-Demon Shoes - Calamity Reaper

-Concentrated Energy

-Lightning Truncheon

-Divine Glaive ( if enemy team have 2 fighters or Tank and fighter such as Chou,Sun, Leomord, Thamuz or Terizla )

-Blood Wings (For huge damage)

***As Battle spell use Flicker , retribution or Sprint(I suggest flicker)

***As for Emblem use Custom Mage - Flow - Contract - Magic Worship

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