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Natalia Revamped ? Killing Machine - 2020 Build

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Hi everyone in this video I have made about New Natalia Revamped, this hero has no mercy, its only for killing enemies, especially all marksman hero and all mage hero, when she is feed to much these 2 types of hero , Natalia can kill with one shot. So guys be careful if you play with marksman and see that enemy has pick Natalia, be sure to buy any defense shield, because she will kill you after 3 minutes of game. Everyone can choose whatever you want as build, but I suggest to select items that make sure to kill enemy with lower than 50% HP with one shot. Natalia is very weak if she is out of her second skill. My build for her is as below

1.Raptor Machete - For easy to jungle
2.Rapid Boots - Give to you 80 SPD, but when someone attack to you , or you attack someone you will slow them with 40 points.
3. Blade of the Heptaseas - Give to you 15 points Physical Penetration, and its very cheap as item.
4.Haas's Claws - This I use I caught on fighting 1vs1 with any fighter.
5.Scarlet Phantom - Speed & Critical
6.Berserker's Fury - Physical damage has more chance to go to the critical damage
7.If the enemy has tanks or 2 fighter you have to sell Raptor Machete and Buy Malefic Roar for 40 point of physical penetration. Other wise you have to buy Blade of Despair.

Thank you very much.
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